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eBook × Malgudi Days æ R.K. Narayan Four gems with new introductions mark acclaimed Indian writer R K Narayan’s centennialIntroducing this collection of stories R K Narayan describes how in India “the writer has only to look out of the window to pick up a character and thereby a story” Composed of powerful magical portraits of all kinds of people and comprising stories wri Malgudi Days written by RK Narayan chronicles the lives of people in the fictional town of Malgudi The stories which share the lives of everyone from entrepreneurs to beggars all take place in and near this Indian village Thus the heart and the soul of that village is on display and we find it is a place where most people are haunted by illiteracy and unemployment Yet despite the ubiuity of the poor many of the stories come across with humorous good natured episodes of their lives Among the stories the reader meets an astrologer a gatekeeper and a young man yearning to pass the examinations There are also animals including a forlorn dog who befriends a blind man and a ferocious tiger perhaps a hint of Narayan's short novel A Tiger for Malgudi Above all there is a pervasive irony that reminded me of other short story stylists from O'Henry to Chekhov and Gogol More often a character's dreams or expectations do not lead to the results he desires This keeps the reader guessing as to what the next story will show in the lives of people who become endlessly fascinating if only for the reason that you have met them before in your own town In his introduction R K Narayan observes that I can detect Malgudi characters even in New York for instance West Twenty third Street possesses every element of Malgudi with its landmarks and humanity remaining unchanged p 2Following publication of this collection the stories in this book were made into both serials and cinema Through these tales the author RK Narayan captures the readers' heart with his journey through the village of Malgudi and its' not so unfamiliar denizens

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eBook ´ ePub Malgudi Days ã 9780143039655 Ý [PDF] ✎ Malgudi Days ✐ R.K. Narayan – Danpashley.co.uk Four gems with new introductions mark acclaimed Indian writer R K Narayan’s centennialIntroducing this collection of stories R K Narayan describes how in India “the writer has only to look out of Four gems Tten over almost forty years Malgudi Days presents Narayan’s imaginary city in full color revealing the essence of India and of human experience This edition includes an introduction by Pulitzer Prize winning author Jhumpa Lahiri For than seventy years Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English speaking world OK close enough to the end of 2017 for me to determine my favourite reads Malgudi Days is my 2017 BEST SHORT STORY COLLECTION BOOK Albeit a little controversially as I am judging the chapters as individual storiesThis book is great It has a lot going for it short chapter like stories all interconnected by the location Malgudi Narayan's fictional Indian town and with some character crossovers it is very readable covering a range of topics key to Indian life The characters are a brilliant mix of 'impossible not to love' and 'unlovable' from all walks of Indian life euating to caste and are all interestingI have previously read the Penguin P60 Tales from Malgudi some of which are taken from this book In my view the P60 really took the best short stories a fantastic section Nevertheless this book is brilliant for dipping in and out of or reading in short bursts like I did over lunchtimes for a few daysNarayan has a real talent for character description and I really enjoy his writing improving as I read Some of these are just hilarious others have a wry twist to them or a does or irony I can't really recommend this enough 5 stars

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Malgudi DaysWith than 1700 titles Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors as well as up to date translations by award winning translato The stories listed here are my favourites in the order of preference1 Engine trouble Lucky enough to win a road roller This according to me is the best of the lot Here the protagonist wins a road roller as a prize in some fair The same minute start his troubles when he has to transport the huge vehicle to his home He has to then pay rent to park the vehicle on a field He manages to employ a driver a temple elephant and 50 coolies for transporting it in the midst of an amused crowd of onlookers This arrangement itself makes the poor guy half bankrupt On the way the road roller crashes into a compound increasing the expenses double fold In the end he manages to wriggle out of this mess with nature’s intervention2 Attila The friendly dog History says Attila was a brave and dynamic leader But this story is of Attila the huge pet dog in a Malgudi household The dog has a formidable and obnoxious appearance but is of a very friendly nature He won’t bark at any stranger or even a thief for that matter much to the dismay of his masters One night a petty thief manages to steal ornaments and make away with his booty and Attila follows him uietly all throughout thinking him to be a casual guest How Attila manages to unintentionally get him caught forms the rest of this hilarious story3 Fathers help Remembering School Days This features our little friend Swamy who shirks homework tries all ways and means to stay away from school In short all the ualities that were present in us when we were young One morning to stay away from school he builds up a false story of how his teacher canes and punishes all students He narrates it with such potency that his father gets furious and hands over a long letter to Swamy to give the principal What will Swamy do now?4 The willing slave Playing with Granny This touching story is about the innocuous and sweet relationship between a 70 year old maid and a 5 year old little girl No doubt this story would transport us to our childhood when a similar elderly granny would play with us5 Selvi The renowned voice This is about a 25 year old famous singer She is meek obedient and submissive All her singing concerts bank accounts visits to her own mother and each step of her feet are controlled by her husband This story is about how she liberates herself from her husband’s clutches In the end he finds himself alone pleading her to come back home 6 Second Opinion Don’t trust just one doctor This story changes from tragic to hilarious A carefree youth is enjoying his life till his mom expresses a desire to get him married The youth easily spurns the idea and moves on He gets to know from the town doctor that his mom faints periodically and she might pass away anytime This put him in a state of gloom and he agrees to marry the girl his mom has selected Now he suddenly feels he should have a second opinion of another doctor Finally it so turns out that his mother is perfectly fine What will he do now?7 The Cat within Ghost in the jug A satirical story mocking at age old belief on ghosts and evil spirits In those days when any person was beset with such a spirit exorcists would be called in Such an exorcist is once called to chase away a noisy ghost from a jug in a shop Vigourous clanking noises emanating from the shop in the graveness of the night send chills down the spines of villagers Since there is no electricity no one has the courage to go in Eventually a cat emerges from the shop with a jug stuck on its headPros Heartwarmingly simple language vivid descriptions and instant metamorphosis from the hustle bustle of today’s life to a beautiful old town of MalgudiCons At the cost of being called blasphemous I admit that there are some cons which prevent me from giving 5 stars Some stories had such an abrupt ending that I regretted having read the story at all At the most interesting point where one longs to