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MOBI ç DOC The President's Assassin 9780446617116 FREE ´ BRIAN HAIG È [Ebook] ➢ The President's Assassin By Brian Haig – YOU CAN'T STOP US THERE WILL BE OTHERS AND THE PRESIDENT WILL BE HISTORY IN THE NEXT TWO DAYSIt's a mass execution six people shot and killed in a VirIsn't the reason Sean Drummond is called in Newly enlisted in a CIA cell called the Office of Special Projects the Army lawyer knows the bodies are just a warning Because the killer left a noteNow the hunt begins for Sometimes it's enough to simply dislike a book But that wasn't enough for me I foolishly looked up Brian Haig's bio before writing this review and now I feel ill I don't even think I can stomach a review but for you people who need to know about this atrocious steaming pile of waste I'll do itIn his world everything is black and white and all people are valorous or inept In his world the government is a terrible burden and pot shots at its incompetence is just matter of course where his readers are so on board with it that it's a simple inside joke In his world major political leaders can be assassinated and it affects the running of nations no than the time out for the funeral and the bothersome ritual of half staff In his world those who protect and serve are worth far than the protectedOf course he's a Fox News employee God I should've known this But troubling is that he has credentials – West Point Infantry Officer and then years working in command at the Pentagon OH WAIT JUST A MINUTE dude's got a complex He was part of the bureaucratic machine he hates so much and he knows he was dead weight on the ass end of a bloated military industrial complex that he has to transfer blame in any and all ways possible Oh I know he was taking pot shots at the Bush administration in this book But really he loathes the administrative branch than a grade schooler hates broccoli In this book our hero Major Sean Drummond is the ideal right wing champion He's sarcastic to just beyond compulsive and handsome and dedicated to saving the Republic at all costs except that killing a few bureaucrats is good fodder for crime scene clues Oh yeah there's a twist at the end of the book that is kind of clever if you're not too mind numbed by propaganda by the time it comes up to care I didn't care to tell the truth and wasn't surprised – but I knew our hero would figure it out before the assassination reached its true target – his reputation Because Sean Drummond's reputation is the greatest asset our nation could possibly possess Blech Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go vomit

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YOU CAN'T STOP US THERE WILL BE OTHERS AND THE PRESIDENT WILL BE HISTORY IN THE NEXT TWO DAYSIt's a mass execution six people shot and killed in a Virginia mansion one of them the White House Chief of Staff But that Haig continues to outdo himself with this series While moving away from official military law and investigating the scene is still high paced and full of intrigue as the CIA takes Major Sean Drummond under their wing and has him working in one of their super secret branches When a couple appears murdered Drummond in there to assist with the investigation When it becomes apparent that this murder shakes things all the way up to the Oval Office things kick into high gear and Drummond becomes an integral part of the investigating team A bounty on the head of the president and with numerous people close to him turning up murdered leaves Drummond the CIA and the FBI scrambling to solve this before the killer gets the ultimate upper hand All things point to a distant and secluded serial killer leading Drummond to piece things together slowly but intelligently But nothing is as it seemsI began reading Haig with an excitement to delve into military law and the JAG Corps hoping that this would not be another legal thriller as the main character chases the killer and eventually things are tied off neatly Haig kept me highly excited and I was always looking to see what this military John Corey esue character might do the entire series morphed into something less military but with the same sarcasm dripping dialogue and high powered story lines While I do miss the military angle Haig has kept me reading interested and thoroughly impressed This book is by no means a disappointmentKudos Mr Haig Let's see what the latest Drummond novel has to offer

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The President's AssassinThe ultimate hitman brilliant coldhearted The President's PDF or with an insider's knowledge of DC If Drummond fails the world will never be the same and someone will collect the million bounty on the President's he Sean Drummond one of the most likable arrogant smart mouthed protagonists this side of Demille's John Aloysius CoreyDrummond is no longer with JAG but seconded to the CIAhe becomes involved in a multi agency task force hunting for a murderous serial killer targeting some of the highest government officialsa real 5 star page turnerLoved it