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Detained Navy JAG #1 Mobi Õ Navy JAG #1 ↠ Don brown ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Detained (Navy JAG #1) Author Don Brown – A man and his son dreamed of America's freedom but the dream became a nightmare when they ended up at Guantanamo BayHasan Makari and his son Najib both Lebanese nationals have drSA lawyer has just received a larger than life nomination as General Counsel for the Department of Homeland Security While preparing for confirmation by the US Senate she discovers a shocking scheme that will turn her life upside down Can Emily expose the truth in time to save the lives of those being accused and escape with her own life Somewhere between the war torn plains of Northern Lebanon and the secret torture chamber of Guantanamo Bay lie the keys to justi I must admit that in the beginning the book seemed uite strange to me Hassan's and Najib's unconditional love for America didn't feel believable Then there is a lot of laywer language and emphasis on the chains of command for me as Non American Non Lawyer and Non Military uite boring and not always understandable There are points where I disagree with the author Does he really believe Ronald Reagan was the greatest American president of the 20th century Does he really believe that Marines treat the detainees at Guantánamo as politely and respectfully as he describes it I don'tBUT the insight in the games of power the danger of too much concentrated power the abuse of powerall this is described in a very interesting way and Emily's story is suspenceful and gripping I like how christian faith is integrated smoothly into the whole story without solving every problem or making anybody seem perfectAmerica Land of the free Guantánamo is prove enough that even if this was true it only applies for US citizensI want to give thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the free copy

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A man and his son dreamed of America's freedom but the dream became a nightmare when they ended up at Guantanamo BayHasan Makari and his son Najib both Lebanese nationals have dreamed of the day they would experience the shining freedom of America But when they arrive in the US they are arrested accused of terrorism and incarcerated at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in Cuba all on false charges Suddenly they face the nightmare of death by executionTheir only hope Title Detained The Navy JAG SeriesAuthor Don BrownWebsite 416Year 2015Publisher ZondervanMy rating is 5 stars out of 5A couple of months back I began reading novels written by Don Brown with expectations of truly riveting and suspense filled stories The reason for the high expectations was that I knew Don Brown served in the military and as a JAG officer While casually perusing an online bookstore I saw that Detained was coming out in 2015Now that 2015 has arrived and having read the novel I am utterly amazed at the contents and depth of the story Two characters Matt Davis and Amy Debenedetto are from the original JAG series though they are older and have new ranks in the Navy Now the stakes are higher than ever before as the two JAG officers are assigned to the same case at GITMO however as opposing players in a high stakes trial of supposed terroristsWhile the case at GITMO is being forced to fast track the trial of two assumed terrorists a serious threat resides within the halls of Homeland Security The director of Homeland Security is uietly attempting to shred or bypass the Constitution which would place all the freedoms Americans enjoy into an abyss Director Strayhorn is attempting a coup that would place many powers under his leadership and he will use whatever means necessary to attain the powerful leadership of AmericaThere is romance budding between the Jag officers choosing to exercise faith while facing death in the face while the fictional President puts measures in place to protect the future of America’s Constitution along with the Bill of Rights Unlike fairy tales not everything ends all nice and neat There is a reality of lives that are innocently taken and evil being successful even if temporaryAs I read the novel I kept reading and turning the pages until the “wee” hours of the morning because I knew that until I saw how the author wrapped up the tale I wouldn’t be able to sleep I came away with a great appreciation for those who are seeking to preserve the Constitution of the United States of America I also felt the emotion of fear when reading about characters placing their lives on the line so others might not be able to commandeer our precious nationGrab a copy and be ready to read for hours as the suspense is so palpable that when turning the last page you find yourself releasing a big breath of air because you were holding it throughout the whole story Like the various men and women in the fictional story we must never let down our guard to keep America standing on the constitutional foundation so many have given their lives and to protect for ourselves and future generationsDisclosure of Material Connection I received one or of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog Regardless I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” Other reviews can be read at Also follow me on Twitter lcjohnson1988 FaceBook at

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Detained Navy JAG #1Is Navy JAG Officer Matt Davis who has been assigned to the case of his life to defend the Makaris in court at Guantanamo Bay Matt believes his clients are innocent but faces monumental opposition not only from powerful federal prosecutors with a huge agenda and an unlimited budget but also from the woman he loves who as a fellow JAG officer has been ordered onto the prosecution team to convict the MakarisAs the drama unfolds in Cuba Emily Gardner a top ranking T Hasan Makari and his son Najib Lebanese Nationals were taught by American missionaries and their dream was to experience the freedom of AmericaEleven years later Najib came to America and became a citizen and joined the Navy There were simultaneous terrorist attacks on several shopping centers throughout the US and a mishap on the ship where Najib was stationed at the same time his father was due to arrive in the US Upon his arrival Hasan was immediately detained and when Najib’s ship the USS Abraham Lincoln put into port he too was arrested Both men were transported to Guantanamo Bay Cuba – accused of crimes they did not commit Matt Davis a Navy JAG officer has been assigned to defend them Matt knows they have been set up and it goes to the very top brass Emily Gardner currently a top ranking TSA lawyer but soon to be nominated General Counsel for Homeland Security uncovers a scheme to undermine the power of the president and it will put the American people at risk Matt’s only hope of saving the Makaris’ and the American people is for Emily to remain alive long enough to expose the truth I love political intrigue and Don Brown is one of the best I was first introduced to his work in “Fire of the Raging Dragon” and have since been a big fan Although his books are fiction he develops the plots and characters closely enough to current events that it leaves you uestioning if these could possibly be true In “Detained” it dives into behind the scenes of TSA Homeland Security and Gitmo The twists and turns of this plot will keep you turning the pages and asking a thousand “what if” uestions You will begin to wonder if our government or any government could actually pull off such events in the name of national security Mr Brown skillfully introduces the reader to the interrogation practices of Gitmo without being graphic yet encouraging your mind to finish what he didn’t say I highly recommend this book especially if you like political intrigue and fast paced suspense Mr Brown also has a subtle way of developing an intriguing plot and lacing it with prayer and faith instead of graphic language This book will not only appeal to the Christian reader but to the Secular reader as well Disclosure I was given a copy of this eBook by the publisher Zondervan through NetGalley blogger program for review I was not reuired to write a favorable review nor was I compensated for my review The opinions in this review are my own