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An up close and personal portrait isn't everything PDFEPUB #193 of a legendary filmmaker theater director and comedian drawing on candid conversations with his closest friends in show business and the arts―from Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep to Natalie Portman and Lorne Michaels The work of Mike Nichols pervades American cultural consciousness―from The Graduate and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf to Angels in America The Birdcage Working Girl and Primary Colors not to mention his string of hit plays including Barefoot Life Epubin the Park and The Odd Couple If that weren’t enough he was also one half of the timelessly funny duo Nichols May as well as a founding member of. Men are divided into two groups” a friend of Mike Nichols says on the first page of this book “There are guys who want to be Babe Ruth and there are guys who want to be Mike Nichols That’s it”Yes that’s it if you’re collecting Social Security Younger men don’t know or care much about Babe Ruth; they barely remember Michael Jordan And as for Mike Nichols who died in long ago 2014 Mike who Oh he’s one of the elite who won an Emmy Grammy Oscar and Tony — but can you name one thing he directed “The Graduate” ReallySo It is stipulated that Mike Nichols was famous for many of his 83 years And that these are stories from his eually famous friends Richard Burton Paul Simon Art Garfunkel Whoopi Goldberg Tony Kushner Tom Hanks Alec Baldwin Robin Williams Emma Thompson and 90 others in a who’s who of late 20th century show business Stipulate also that although there is a long section about the Nichols and May years that launched his career there is no contribution from Elaine May And that the book skids over his three previous marriages and his three children focusing instead on his fourth marriage to Diane Sawyer And that there is no mention of what a biography of Richard Avedon — Avedon Something Personal — describes as Nichols’ secret 10 year affair with the photographerStipulate all those omissions and you still get a book you can’t put down Okay I skipped over the long Nichols and May section that will be catnip to some oldsters but everything else grabbed me hard Just for the account of an outsider who felt like an alien no matter how successful he became Just for the sense that everything he had could be taken away in an instant I suspect I’m not alone in feeling that no matter how much I achieve I’m never uite enough which is why I think you’ll read this book non stop Yes the show biz stories are great But the pathology is the hookHere’s the “Rosebud” of this life He was born Mikhail Igor Peschkowsky in 1931 Berlin This family fled Nazi Germany late — in 1939 — and changed their name in New York City At 4 a reaction to vaccination for whooping cough caused him to suffer alopecia which cost him every hair on his body and condemned him to a lifetime toupee Yes he was the first director to be paid a million dollars for a movie and the first director to get 5 percent of a play’s gross It was never enoughSome samplesDAVID HARE playwright Mike liked being Mike Nichols very very good at his job and known to be very very good at his job He got this tremendous sensual pleasure from being in America He liked being king in his town But underneath it there was that sense that he’d come out of the midcentury catastrophe—that he’d managed to get out and very few people hadEMANUEL AZENBERG producer It would be presumptuous to try to figure out Mike’s life but you can’t get away from the fact that he escaped the NazisJEREMY IRONS actor In a way he was carrying the flag for those dead brethren not wasting his life because his had been given to him while it hadn’t to many othersROBERT NICHOLS brother My mother always emphasized how extraordinarily intelligent our father was And yet Hitler became chancellor in 1933 It was obvious—the dislike and humiliation of Jews was out there—but my father didn’t leave for five years Why the hell did he stay around German Jews often feel German than Jewish and I’m afraid my father might have been one of thoseHANNAH ROTH SORKIN He would never ever ever touch anything vaguely Holocaust related He had tremendous survivor guiltPETER LAWRENCE stage manager At the opening of Death and the Maiden I was standing in front of the theater talking to Fred Zollo the producer when Mike drove up in a huge top of the line Mercedes that he had just bought When Mike got out of the car Fred said “It’s the Mengele 500” The next day Mike sold the carPAUL SIMON musician We were once at dinner with Lorne Michaels and Tina Fey and Tina said that she speaks German I think Mike was surprised They started talking about how people who speak German don’t tell you that their second language is GermanRENATA ADLER Mike and I came from similar backgrounds We were both refugees Our first language was German Every once in a while he would use a little phrase from our childhood “Riech mal dran” if there was a uestion whether something was spoiled or not Meaning literally “Smell at it” uotations jokes rhymesCANDICE BERGEN At what age did he become “Mike” Because it couldn’t have been easy being Igor in New York at that time I don’t think any child was ever put through ART GARFUNKEL Let’s face it “Mike Nichols” is a construction of a human being He is busy leaving this guy who left Germany behind and becoming a very appealing American guy named Mike Nichols What a choice Mike NicholsRENATA ADLER Mike said that if you are a refugee you begin to read people’s minds Which is true in a way It’s from learning a style of comprehension In order to assimilate to become one of themThere was a big upside to being Mike Nichols He knew how to direct and as you watch him do it you learn how to do it — even if you’re only directing a kitchen staff You learn how to use humor to deliver the hammer blows of tragedy You learn that drama is about relationships not plots And you learn that you are an actor acting your life Mike Nichols paid a price for that By the end of this book you won’t envy him But you will understand him And you’ll have some fresh compassion for the Nichols in you

Summary Life isn't everything: Mike Nichols, as remembered by 150 of his closest friends.

Life isn't everything Mike Nichols as remembered by 150 of his closest friendsThe original improv troupe Over a career that spanned half a century Mike Nichols changed Hollywood Broadway and comedy forever Most fans however know very little of the person behind it all Since he never wrote his memoirs and seldom appeared on television they have very little Life isn't everything ePUB #10003 sense of his searching intellect or his devastating wit They don't know that Nichols the great American director was born Mikail Igor Peschkowsky in Berlin and came to this country speaking no English to escape the Nazis They don't know that Nichols was at one time a solitary psychology student or that a childhood illness caused permanent life altering side Life isn't e. My favorite genre of reading material is biography I find real people vastly interesting than fictional characters What I loved about this treatment of the life and creative career of Mike Nichols was how in keeping with his directorial style the authors solely relied upon the characters who passed through his life They were allowed to reflect upon and put into the collective consciousness their experience of this remarkable and remarkably complex man I have admired Mike Nichols' body of work But now I also admire his living I am however spoiled forever by the way this book was crafted Never boring never tedious I devoured it like the gourmet concoctions he loved so much Carter and Kashner sit atop my all time favorite reads Thanks to you and all who contributed to this marvel ✓ 0 Free read

Life isn't everything: Mike Nichols, as remembered by 150 of his closest friends. Free read ↠ 100 Ô ❰Read❯ ➪ Life isn't everything: Mike Nichols, as remembered by 150 of his closest friends. Author – An up close and persVerything Mike Nichols eBook #199 effects They don't know that he withdrew into a debilitating depression before he finally got it right in Life isn't everything Mike Nichols eBook #199 his words by marrying Diane SawyerHere for the first time Ash Carter and Sam Kashner offer an intimate look behind the scenes of Nichols' life as told by the stars moguls playwrights producers comics and crewmembers who stayed loyal to Nichols for years Life Isn't Everythingis a mosaic portrait of a brilliant and original director known for his uncommon charm wit vitality and genius for friendship this volume is also a snapshot of what it meant to be living loving and making art in the th centur. Ash Carter and Sam Kashner's comprehensive oral history about Mike Nichols is the most enjoyable book I've had the pleasure to read in many years Reading about Nichols of the most talented artists of our lifetime is the perfect tonic for these troubled times It is wonderful to read about someone who was so gifted who was also able to help other artists do their best work Well researched full of anecdotes and seamlessly edited into a great biography