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Only how your body works but also your brain and the way you think feel and behave The book is divided into twelve sections The first ten chapters explore and explain major body systems including bones and muscles the digestive Body A Children's ePUB #8608 system lungs and breathing life cycle and senses Within each chapter most of the spreads are reference pages devoted to explaining how different parts of the body work from how the heart beats to the tiny white blood cells that attack germ. I bought this to help teach some home schooled children biology lessons As a nurse this gives a refreshingly well explained take on things that children will understand and lots of diagrams I bought it alongside of a model of the human body that can be 'built' to make it interesting and visual

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Human Body A Children's EncyclopediaS Interspersed with these are double page images that showcase amazing human body images such as magnified views of individual muscle fibres and the villi that line the inside of your small intestineThe last chapter Mind and Personality covers the intriguing inner workings of the human mind introducing the fascinating science of psychology Finally the reference section provides readers with uizzes to test their personality and reasoning and finishes with a timeline of key medical breakthrough. Buying DK one is usually on a safe bet and this book does not disappoint For a range of ages interested in human biology this is an ideal references book carefully organised well illustrated and printed on uality paper Recommended

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Human Body A Children's Encyclopedia characters ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¹ ❮Reading❯ ➶ Human Body A Children's Encyclopedia ➮ Author DK – Help your child to understand the human bodyThis encyclopedia will knock spots off your biology textbook Get undeHelp your child to understand A Children's Kindle #210 the human bodyThis encyclopedia will knock spots off your biology textbook Get under the skin of human anatomy with large clear photographs graphics and CGI images that show everything you need to see in detail Annotations and captions explain how everything works clearly and simply without overwhelming From the skin through Human Body eBook #212 muscles tissues organs and nerves right down to your bones you will be able to understand not. Fantastic book for anyone with an interest in anatomy I bought this book for my son he is six years old and suffers with final consonant deletion which means he has trouble forming complete words I treat anything that he takes an interest in as an opportunity to teach him new words in a way that he find fun so when he started showing an interest in the human body I immediately started looking for fun and colourful books on that subject This book was ideal the imagery is bright and well explained through short paragraphs of text The book goes into a fair amount of detail on a range of topics including the skeleton nervous system cellular buildup the eyes and much in a way that is easy to understand I would recommend this to anyone in a heartbeat THE BOOK ALSO COVERS THE HEART