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PDF ß BOOK Reckless Magic Star Crossed #1 FREE ☆ RACHEL HIGGINSON ´ ➹ [Read] ➵ Reckless Magic Star Crossed #1 By Rachel Higginson ➼ – Danpashley.co.uk 16 year old Eden Matthews has been in and out of private schools for the last two years She can't seem to stop herself from cLf right in the middle of an ancient war threatening everything she loves She alone has to find a way to save her best friend and the boy who has captivated her heart Reckless Magic is an intricate story about mystery adventure magic and forbidden love Eden Matthews is an unlikely heroine determined to save the world and be with her one true love before it's too la Unfortunately I have to put this book on the DNF shelfAt 2 hours and 35 minutes in ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has happened unless you count numerous unexplained fainting spells as something Nothing happening would be fine if it was because the characters were being developed but I know as little about Eden now as I did on page one All that being said I would have kept going being that this book was described as Twilight meets Harry Potter both awesome but then this happenedI parked my car in the long line of black something or others taking up two parking spaces My sunflower yellow Land Rover stuck out terribly but I could've cared lessFor me that is an inexcusable error Enough saidFrom the beginning I had a feeling that this book was juvenile than YA or maybe it was just Eden's shrinking and unassertive personality that kept me from getting into the story I don't know I'm not saying that it was terrible or that someone else wouldn't love it but it just wasn't for me Because I didn't finish Reckless Magic I don't think it would be fair to assign a rating

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N to The students may be different but so is she And after meeting Kiran Kendrick the boy who won't leave her alone and seems to be the source of all her problems she is suddenly in a world that feels make believe than reality To top it off she is being hunted by men who want to kill Kiran and her best friend Lilly is taken away to a foreign prison Eden finds herse I actually started reading this book with high hopes While the prologue was pretty generic twin babies being dropped on a door step I thought that it could possibly turn itself around After all Harry Potter managed to make that scenario interesting too didn't it? And it certainly started strong I really wanted to like the main character Eden But I could tell that the author really wanted Eden to like the main male lead Kiran Even Eden wondered why she was being pushed into this snot of a boy's arms Kiran is even less appealing than Joffrey Baratheon and his only good feature is his accent Seriously Eden is constantly pointing out how arrogant cruel manipulative and conceited Kiran is But he's got a nice face body and a sexy accent so it must be TRU LUV The whole romance plot is painfully trite I'm not even sure why Eden likes Kiran He forced her against a few walls and kiss raped her so now she's in love Great Well so much for liking the protagonist of this book It wasn't just the romance that bothered me although that did make up the vast majority of my gripes in my 134 status updates I also wasn't thrilled with the whole way the magic was handled I know that the author was trying to build a sort of mystery around Eden's powers but what this novel was severely lacking was a good Dumbledore esue figure Amory should have been this character but he stays in the background His or the author's excuse for this lack of participation is that he was hoping Eden would discover it for herself despite later repeatedly scolding Eden for not catching on sooner since they are kinda on crunch time what with the whole magic terrorist war thing About 90% of the drama and conflict that this novel has could have been solved in the characters would just communicate If people like Amory and Avalon would tell Eden the reasons why she shouldn't do certain things Eden wouldn't do half the stupid shit that she does Here's a few examples of what could have been cleared up 1 Tell Eden who Kiran is There was really no reason to keep Kiran's true identity secret from her In fact it makes Eden stick out at the magic school even because of the way she unintentionally treated him If she was informed that he was magical royalty I'm sure Eden would have been less inclined to be around him 2 Tell Eden she has magical powers Again they said it was super important that she know she has powers seeing how she was causing herself physical pain by being unaware And drawing an unnatural amount of attention to herself by acting like a human in a magical school 3 Tell Eden who her parents were and what they did Again this is absolutely imperative for Eden's survival Her ignorance at this point is only making her a target If Eden was aware of the danger her own existence as put her in the less likely she is to do things that draw attention to herself Which leads to my next point4 Tell Eden that she will be KILLED if people realize who she is She looks like her mother Her mother had a forbidden fling with a body guard and gave birth to twins of most sinful kind in the magical word Eden and Avalon's very existence puts them in constant danger Eden should have been made aware of this By keeping her in the dark it enabled Eden to do stupid things completely unaware of the conseuences I got a little off tangent But I think I made my point on that front Back to the use of magic While it was very interesting the concept of untapped magical potential literally eating Eden from the inside out I didn't like it when magic actually came in halfway through the book Magic made everything too easy There were no conseuences Kids could use magic to do homework for them for heaven's sake They don't have to even pay attention They just will the correct answers into being on the paper Why bother learning anything any? Why bother going to this magical academy? Seems like an awful waste of time In Harry Potter magic didn't just come to you There was some risk and rewards involved It had to be studied and practiced and performed just right In this book magic is just everything and makes everything infinitely easy Magic never seems to backfire on anyone but Eden and even on her its rare In truth this makes the magic of this world very boring I also didn't enjoy the ineuality going on Avalon Eden's twin brother gets told everything about his past about their family about magic and about the dangers they would face Avalon also gets entrusted with a lot of the tasks their parents left behind But Eden is told to be content with ignorance and idleness Why? Probably because Avalon's a boy That's the only logic I can find Eden is far powerful and even if she looks like her mother Avalon MUST share some of those features too Meaning he's in just as much danger of being recognized Maybe this will get explained in the next book that I will never read But I still don't understand why Avalon gets to know everything Oh yes and this resistance Wow For something that's an secret society they sure do go about the whole secret process poorly I love how they invite Eden along to their meeting without even first making sure she had plans to join They let her see their hideout all their faces know all their names and then listen to their secret plans to murder Prince Kiran All of this before they double check to see if she wants to join And even after they ask and find out she doesn't want to because she LUVS Kiran too much they let her stay and listen to the rest of the meetingI can't even begin to explain how utterly stupid this is But whatever The book overall is very long winded Much of what takes 100 pages to explain could have been done in ten twenty pages tops Characters have very bipolar reactions that seem to differ according to the author's mood Avalon Amory and Kiran are notorious at this And then the climax of the story is Eden rushing cross country to save her friend who's on trial for treason She literally only runs into the room to scream She's innocent before being whisked away I can't help but feel that the whole conflict could have been solved with a simple phone call Or at least if Kiran was less of a dick If that's all it took to save her friend Eden really should have just stayed at home While I like it that Eden actually attempted to do something heroic to save her friend the result was just so anti climatic that I couldn't give her full credit The plot just sort of fizzles out after that There's some vague threat made to Eden's life but yet they have no trouble escaping so the whole thing seems rather empty Not the best conclusion to such a long novel All in all the novel reads like a first draft It's a disorganized long winded mess that needs some serious revising and reworking plot and character wise There's the spine of a possibly good YA novel in here somewhere but I don't think it's uite there yet I feel like this novel was self published way too soon

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Reckless Magic Star Crossed #116 year old Eden Matthews has been in and out of private schools for the last two years She can't seem to stop herself from closing them down Kingsley is her last chance to finish high school and the last private school willing to accept her She is focused on just getting through graduation until she realizes Kingsley is not like the other private schools she's bee “I hadn’t figured anything out on my own yet” SpoilersduhOh Reckless Magic where do I even start? A good friend of mine gave that book to me since she is absolutely in love with the whole series We agree with a lot of stuff sadly this book is not one of them I wanted to like it I couldn’t That doesn’t meant I don’t understand what people might see in it I get it believe me it is just not the one for mePlease let me tell you no matter what I might say here I don’t want to bash the author I actually admire everyone who has the courage to write something and use the wonderful opportunity called self publishingIf you like YA books especially the paranormal romance kind you might agree with me when I say it becomes harder and harder to separate the wheat from the chaff There are so many of them and sometimes you find a little treasure that is something special and other times you find books that seemed to exist to just jump on the Twilight wagon If you’re wondering this is the latter category Writing I’m not a native English speaker I make a lot of mistakes especially when I’m busy and don’t re read my stuff The point is I’m a non native speaker that writes for fun not a published author Self publishing is not an excuse for a bunch of mistakes in my opinion you can still correct your own writing or ask friends and family for help during the editing process This book reads like some kind of first draft with the only editor being some autocorrection program There are so many spelling and grammar errors wrong punctuation and missing words up to a point where I only could shake my head in disbelief If you are able to ignore the mistakes then you find a very average writing style It is your typical YA first person narration and its filled with a lot of exposition and repetition Especially the repetition gets to a point where it can only be called downright annoying Something is explained by a character and then about five chapters later another character explains exactly the same thing with almost exactly the same words again Your readers are not stupid they don’t forget details so easily so please don’t treat them that wayOther than that the book is filled with unnecessary long sentences that mostly deal with over the top dramatic teenage angst It is not the most awful writing style I’ve ever came across but it is far from being good Story The story is about 16 year old Eden who is a witch and doesn’t know about it She has been kicked out of several schools and private school Kingsley is her last hope What Eden doesn’t know is that the school is basically the mash up version of Hogwarts and Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters There she meets Kiran also new and soon the undying love of her tortured teenage life Soon she finds herself in a lot of trouble life threatening situations and a centuries old conflictNow the idea itself is not that bad sure it is not something I’ve never heard or seen before but it could’ve been a lot better The execution of the idea is just horribleThe pacing in this book is awful It starts out fine we get to know a bit about the characters and Eden starts to discover her magic and but then it slows down There are a few action scenes to keep up the suspense but they are simply overshadowed by the amount of teenage angst and “he loves me he loves me not he acts like a jerk so he must definitely love me” stuff Instead of moving the story forward it constantly stops for some chapters so that Eden can pine after Kiran or to describe to us how beautiful he is over and over again Instead of immediately trying to help her so called best friend Lilly she waits for the last possible minute to actually do something to save her at some parts it almost seems like she has forgotten about her The climax is almost non existent Instead of some showdown we get Eden rushing into court to yell that Lilly is innocent and that’s about it The rest is her and Amory escaping some lovey dovey moments with Kiran and backstory exposition If that seems like a parody to you then we’re on the same pageSpeaking of exposition I get it backstory sometimes reuires a lot of exposition but there is exposition that is just told maybe while eating Chinese food and there is exposition that’s cleverly intertwined with the plot Guess what’s the case here? If your answer is Chinese Food Exposition then we have a winner There are whole chapters with nothing but expositional backstory there is so much crammed in that it is seriously a drag This book is not really written like one that could stand on its own and it is purposely written as the first book of a series so from all the things that could’ve been rushed the backstory shouldn’t have been one of them World Building The concept of this story and its world is not uninteresting it is just very half baked The magical beings here are called Immortals but they are not actually immortal They were once but since they were forbidden to breed between their different races they are not any If that sounds confusing then just because it is There are four categories of Immortals Mediums Witches Shape Shifters and Titans Once there were Oracles as well All of these species have different abilities and that’s where it gets extremely confusing We get some glimpses of what different species can do but it is never fully explained The most definite of them are the shape shifters and maybe Titans The others oh boy Oracles are the most powerful which I found uite interesting since if you look at several mythologies what an Oracle is you might discover thtn the word is maybe misused here An Oracle in its purest sense is someone who has precognitions about the future prophetic dreams and gives mostly wise council So their role here is not that clear Same goes for Mediums or Psychics as they are called as well First of all I wouldn’t necessarily say a Medium and a Psychic are the same thing related maybe not the same I had a hard time grasping what exactly they are capable off especially compared to witches since they seemed to share some abilitiesAlso the whole mechanics on how magic works seemed not very thought through since it was mostly like “it works how the plot demands it” The rules were explained on how they fitted the plot and the constant changes were blamed on Eden’s cluelessness and therefore they could explain whatever they wantedThen there was the King’s Curse the most confusing thing of them all It is a disease that can kill immortals and seems to exist because they can only breed within their own species It didn’t really make sense and just only exists for some kind of urgency and to make the stakes higherThe monarchy and politics were actually okay even if it wasn’t something very original King who is really just a dictator and rebels against him but it could’ve been worse Only thing that made me raise my eyebrow was their apparent main location the magical kingdom ofRomania In the middle of the Carpathians I might add Why? Because they are called Immortals and the Carpathians are mostly associated with Dracula? Whatever Characters I have to do this right? Eden She doesn’t start out that bad but her character development is basically backwards What starts out as promising and with a lot potential becomes fast one of the most annoying please someone just shoot her heroines I’ve ever came across She is oblivious to everything she constantly buys into the lies people tell her she never asks the right uestions her priorities are so messed up its not even funny any and she is most of the time not able to stand up for herself in any kind of way She basically is the best model after the Bella Swan prototype for the dumb YA heroine People give her hints and tell her things all the time and she never gets anything She never discovers anything on her own and you really wish someone would just get a bright red sharpie to write everything down for her They even make a joke in the end on how she never gets anything tell you what that was probably supposed to be a self aware joke but it wasn’t funny If it was something then frustrating To make it simple she is dumb as hell I think the author tried to keep the suspense by keeping Eden in the dark because it also kept the reader in the dark and yeah that can work but not if the reader catches on to things long before the heroine does Eden also gets bossed around a lot Everyone around her treats her like a child lies to her and commands her about what she should do Of course they all do it just to protect her give me a fg break But Eden doesn’t really care sure she gets pissed sometimes but in the end she obeys The one time she makes a choice of her own is the one time she should’ve listened to what people told her Actually not only Eden is to blame for this one but everyone else as well She makes the dumbest decisions not only because she doesn’t use her brain but also because she is constantly lied to and maybe would’ve been careful if she knew the whole truth about herself Speaking of her upbringing makes no sense She grew up human not knowing anything about her powers as a constant danger to others and herself feeling miserable and like an outsider for most of her life Then she is thrown into the whole magical society just like that and still doesn’t get the full truth even if it would’ve prevented a lot of bad things Her brother grew up apart from her in the magical society He learned how to use his powers about their parents and the ongoing conflict My uestion is why? They could’ve kept them apart and teach her about who she or at least about what she can do maybe that would’ve made her less of an idiot There is no real explanation for it I guess you could say because she is a girl and girls shouldn’t fight but I don’t start this discussion here because it would only make me angry Like the reader Eden gets a ton of information throughout the novel but she never really reacts like a normal person would This is especially the case when it comes to her family She gets to know her twin brother whom she never knew even existed but hey it’s okay no emotional impact or confusion here They just act like they knew each other all of their lives and move in together Her headmaster is also her grandfather Sure why not She laughs it off because she didn’t notice it on her own instead of feeling betrayed he again lied to her Her parents might be alive Awesome but when can she see her boyfriend again and can they ever be together? One word LAZY This is just lazy writing Also she is confused about the existence of a Monarchy than about magic Because we don’t have monarchies nowadays? Okay so I guess the ueen is fictional and Harry Potter real then After finishing the book I realized that even if I spent about 300 pages in Eden’s head I don’t know her as a person Yes I know about her magic and that she feel super freaky and loves Kiran and stuff but what else is there? What does she like? What doesn’t she like besides girls prettier than her? Hobbies? Friends before she met Lilly? Plans for the future besides being Mrs Kiran Kendrick? But hey who needs a well rounded character right? Kiran He is a prince He is hot He is arrogant He is hot He is British He is hot He doesn’t always agree with daddy Did I mention he is hot? That is all Eden seems to care about anyways I don’t know how many times Kiran’s looks are described in this book because I honestly lost count It was annoying to a point where I wanted to slam the thing against a wall and scream “I get it okay? Hot British guy move on” For being the main love interest there is actually not much to talk about here He is pretty much a jerk the whole time He drags Eden along and Seraphina basically his fiancée he loves his status his a jackass to everyone around him and his feelings for Eden are pretty bi polar Or like Katy Perry would say You change your mind like a girl changes clothes Of course he is only that way to protect her because that totally explains humiliating someone than once bossing everyone else around having no respect for anyone and being over the top manipulative But hey he is hot and British so who cares right? I seriously wanted for someone to slap that stupid smirk out of his face And again we have no real personality here Even Eden admits she doesn’t really know him but it doesn’t matter because their love is strong anywayWTF seriously Likes? Dislikes? Hobbies? Boxers or briefs? Avalon You poor guy are punished with such a horrible name I mean I get it Avalon and Eden super duper symbolism Almost all the names in this book are beyond stupid but this one tops them all You were at least tolerable Avalon and from all of the dimwits you deserved a bit That’s right folks I didn’t hate him yaaay party time That doesn’t mean I actually really liked him though He is also kind of a bossy jackass sometimes but at least he has some redeeming ualities He has some common sense he actually thinks for himself and he has a direction in life which is good Sure again we have not much of a personality to work with but at least there is something Really irritating thing here is that he seems to fulfill the humanity is icky cliché uick thoughts on other charactersAmory Too secretive Probably compulsive liar Professor X?Aunt Syl Token human characterLilly Plot deviceTalbott Lassie But actually potential to be likeable if given the chanceJericho Hello there Jacob Black Romance I was thinking about talking about the other relationships as well but this review is far too long already and I’m not in the mood So let’s dive into the horrors of forbidden young loveI knew that this was a YA paranormal romance before I started reading and that it was about forbidden love I was skeptical yes but hey it could’ve been a good romance It is not First of all neither of them is a well rounded three dimensional character to begin with which is not a good beginning And it pains me to say this and those two are by no means good or well written characters but I actually knew about Bella and Edward as people than I know about those two idiots Sad I know They meet and immediately sparks flyor spiders crawl because there is anything but a spark Eden and Kiran have no chemistry at all She is the typical cliché heroine who falls for the guy at first sight but needs a whole book filled with teenage angst to figure out her feelings He is your typical jerk boyfriend and all he does is humiliate her manipulate her and all the good stuff Of course he did it all because he loves her so much and wants her to be saveThey don’t have one normal conversation in the whole book They just fight or he is mean or she is dumb you know the whole yada yada I seriously wonder why the fell in love Was it the magnetic attraction of their blandness? Or is there and unwritten rule that the dumb as fk heroine and douchebag always belong together? I could’ve lived with just physical attraction that turned into something else later on I mean she just goes on and on about his looks but no it had to be eternal love They even go to a point where they compare each other to Romeo and Juliet Let that sink in I know a lot of YA authors love to make comparisons and references to classics and hey sometimes it actually works but with a lot of them like this one you ask yourself if they actually read and understood the source material My main problem is not only that the love story is written awfully but much like with Twilight actually the message it sends As a reader we tend to identify with characters it is what makes us feel with them so what is that book telling a reader especially a teenager girl and what does that say about the author also female?If he treats you like dirt and humiliates you he secretly likes you? Nothing else matter except for the boy? Granted maybe a lot of teenagers think that way and eventually grow out of it but still I find this disturbing especially looking at the way both characters are written Why are YA authors doing that? Why write your heroine dense instead of smart? Why whiney instead of strong? Why dependent instead of independent? You were all 16 once and I don’t think you would’ve felt good being written like thatAlso the boys Why smirking jerks instead of nice guys? He can be arrogant he even can be an ass sometimes and do wrong things but he needs good ualities to balance the bad ones outI can`t imagine anyone that wants to be treated the way Kiran treated Eden most of the time Maybe it’s late and maybe I’m reading too much into this but I read so many books that are written this way that I’m asking myself what is wrong people? Seriously? Yes it is fiction Yes it is fantasy But come one shouldn’t there be slight sense of realism? Especially if you want your main character to be the everyday girl your readers can identify with?Okay I’m boring you enoughif you even read all of this Gotta stop here before I’ll write a whole essay which this basically is Conclusion You get my issues right? Recommendation I really wouldn’t recommend it but hey each to their own