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MOBI Ë DOC Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon 9780307589972 î CAROLYN TURGEON î ➝ Mermaid free download ➢ Author Carolyn Turgeon – Princess Margrethe has been hidden away while her kingdom is at war One gloomy windswept morning as she stands in a convent garden overlookinCarried to safety She is willing to trade her home her voice and even her health for legs and the chance to win his heartA surprising take on the classic tale Mermaid is the story of two women with everything to lose It will make you think twice about the fairy tale you heard as a child keeping you in suspense until the very last page All kinds of spoilers up in hereThere are two protagonists in this book The princess is hiding out in a nunnery because of vague threats from the southern country The mermaid is obsessed with the surface Both fall in instalove with the prince within a few hours of meeting him to the point where both are willing to give up everything they have to be with him This is obnoxious in and of itself but so because the two of them didn't really spend any time with him and the reader hardly knows him at all He has a brief conversation with the princess in which he is kind of bantery and flirty and almost kisses her by a horse for no reason? they only spoke once? The mermaid doesn't speak to him at all She falls in love with him because of the way he feels in her arms? and because he's really pretty or something I guess Throughout the book the mermaid and the princess have chemistry with each other than they ever did with the prince now that would have actually been a twist on the classic taleThe book is told like a fairytale with a lot of grandiose writing that is very aware it is TELLING A STORY like all fairytales do so it didn't bother me that this wasn't a beautiful work of writing It was however really annoying how the author used hyperbole to express feelings a pain worse than any she had felt in her entire life or a love unlike anything she had ever experienced swept over her There is also no character depth to speak of It's hard to care about a love story between characters who don't have much to their personalities And let's talk about this love story The princess falls for him in this silly childish way but sees marrying him as a reasonable way to unite their two countries I can get behind that and actually liked the blend of swoon only boy who ever touched me must be my one true love and the mature reasoning that went behind her decision to marry him It was a great way to show that she was becoming a woman but still a little girl However while she does decide to marry him based on uniting their countries she spends so much of the book moaning about how he doesn't love her and how she thought their time together meant something it lasted all of 5 minutes stretched across two days ok The mermaid on the other hand gives up her voice and her family and her natural body to be with him This is just a fact in the original story and in the disney film I was hoping this author would do something interesting with it though since this is a twist on the classic tale but no It follows the original tale like a scriptThe mermaid wants to be with him a becuase she looooves him and b because she believes that when you get married your souls become ONE and since she has no soul only humans have souls marrying him will mean getting an immortal soul This whole situation caused the author to write the most cringe worthy omg someone wrote this in 2013 and meant it sincerely line I've seen in my entire life She was just a vessel to hold him Yikes Instead of being romantic their entire relationship comes off as creepy From the instant they meet he's groping at her and when she doesn't object he's like you're not like most girls are you? all starry eyed with wonder over the fact that she actually WANTS to have sex TRUE LOVE So they do They have sex The sex scene is creepy and typical and old fashioned It hurts her She bleeds She feels guilty afterwards even though there has been NO WORLDBUILDING to explain why a mermaid would have any guilt over premarital sex and the rest of the characters make noises at her about not making it too easy for men or else they'll never love you UuuugghhhhTheir relationship is incredibly creepy In the words of the prince You are so beautiful and yet you have no tongue You are like a dream creature sent here just for me I can say anything to you and you just look at me Ah yes so romantic A woman who just looks at you instead of talking A woman who really really wants sex with you How did he get so LUCKY? DAt the end of the book her sisters show up with the knife and say she has to plunge it into her prince's heart or else she'll die You know the drill But here is where it just gets absolutely ridiculous On cue the mermaid says she can't kill her truest love and decides to die instead k But then the princess stabs herself in the thigh shouting about how since she married the prince his blood is my blood and dribbles her blood onto the mermaid thus turning her back to her original form and saving the day Um Okay So the mermaid's entire I can't kill him thing is absolutely absurd if the spell can be broken by cutting open his leg Why didn't she just do that in the first place? Why did we need this whole ending scene? Plus it's just very weird how religious this book was Talk about sanctity of marriage The princess and the prince were not in love but because they went through a ceremony her blood is magically also his blood? That's making a lot of claims about the power of the religious ceremony and means that everything the mermaid believed about souls and stuff was actually true and not just her beliefs It feels weird and uncomfortableStrictly speaking based on writing and characters and plot this would have been a two star book But it's 2013 and this is a novel where two women have absolutely no interests or character or personality or anything except their love for a man and they give up absolutely everything literally to be with him when he isn't all that interested in either one Ugh One star

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A As Margrethe nurses the handsome stranger back to health she learns that not only is he a prince he is also the son of her father's greatest rival Sure that the mermaid brought this man to her for a reason Margrethe devises a plan to bring peace to her kingdomMeanwhile the mermaid Princess Lenia longs to return to the human man she This was a book I picked up as a result of browsing though other people's reviews and as I love the stories of Hans Christian Andersen I thought i would give it a go Note to selfdelete your account or move to a bigger house This book arrived yesterday and I read it last night It took the original story and fleshed it out with back story of the three main characters Sometimes this engorging with detail can cause adopted stories to flag but here I think it works uite well The personalities are not particularly well drawn but atmospheres and backgrounds are well paintedThere is a simple device of moving back and forth chapter by chapter from the earthbound princess to the watery one and this serves to make powerful descriptive differences in a sometimes uite humourous way I loved the rather gross way Lenia the mermaid gets rid of the taste of something foul from her mouth by simply snacking as she glides along from the smorgasbord of options swimming past her The story itself is well known but Turgeon I did wonder whether this was a 'stage name ' in its rhyming opportunity but maybe I am being too obscure succeeds in re telling and re moulding the whole thing so as to make it move swiftly and yet uncertainly The storyline is clear the reader thinks but the author throws in enough new details i won't call them red herring for obvious reasons that you are not sure of the outcome until the very endHaving said that I did find the ending a trifle underwhelming I think it is because I like my fairy stories extreme with no compromise Either happy ever after or leaving me sobbing on the couch This did neither so that is why though I enjoyed it it only ranks as a 3

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Mermaid by Carolyn TurgePrincess Margrethe has been hidden away while her kingdom is at war One gloomy windswept morning as she stands in a convent garden overlooking the icy sea she witnesses a miracle a glittering mermaid emerging from the waves a nearly drowned man in her arms By the time Margrethe reaches the shore the mermaid has disappeared into the se What could have been a poignant retelling of The Little Mermaid turned into a sappy mess with a lot of unfinished ideas The beginning was gripping and fantastically told the middle desperately grasped at sensuality and tragedy while the ending deflated and fell flat I was left feeling disappointed and cheated by this story Even if you're not familiar with the original Hans Christian Andersen tale you've probably seen Disney's The Little Mermaid I thought at first that this would be like an adult version of Disney's story and for the most part it was The names are different and there's no singing crab but the structure of the story remains the same the youngest mermaid princess falls in love with a human man and chooses to sacrifice her voice and tail and forsake her family and friends for the chance to be with himTurgeon decided to make this about a love triangle and a supposedly tragic one at that Margrethe Lenia the mermaid's foil is the daughter of the Northern king She is being hidden at a convent because there are rumors that the South is getting ready to attack So of course the man who the mermaid saves just happens to be view spoilerthe Southern prince hide spoiler