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Dark Angels Book × 530 pages ☆ ❮EPUB❯ ✰ Dark Angels Author Karleen Koen – Danpashley.co.uk Alice Verney is a young woman intent on achieving her dreams Having left Restoration England in the midst of a messy scandal she has been living in Louis XIV’s Baroue mannered France for two years N Alice Verney is a young woman Suddenly the safety of the king himself seems uncertain Secret plots are at play and war is on the horizon but will it be with the Dutch or the French? And has King Charles himself betrayed his country for greed? The long awaited preuel to Koen’s beloved Through a Glass Darkly Dark Angels is a feast of a novel that sparkles with all the passion extravagance danger and scandal of seventeenth century England Unforgettable in its dramatic force here is a novel of love and politics of romance and betrayal of power and succession and of a resourceful young woman who risks everything for pride and status in an era in which women were afforded little of either From the Hardcover editi For some reason I could just not get into this I enjoy historical fiction but maybe I am spoilt by Philippa Gregory's novelsAlso the era is not something I am familiar with so maybe this had a bearing on my enjoyment of it I'm of a Tudor and Victorian girlThere were many names at the beginning that I was trying to get my head round 🙄

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Alice Verney is a young woman intent on achieving her dreams Having left Restoration England in the midst of a messy scandal she has been living in Louis XIV’s Baroue mannered France for two years Now she is returning home to England and anxious to re establish herself uickly First she will regain her former position as a maid of honor to Charles II’s ueen Then she will marry the most celebrated duke of the Restoration putting herself in a position to attain power she’s only dreamed of As a duchess Alice will be able to make or break her friends and enemies at will But all is not as it seems in the rowdy merry court of Charles II Since the Restoration old political alliance I loved this book I had put off reading it because many of the negative reviews had made me think it would be a lesser book than Through a Glass Darkly and Now Face to Face In fact I thought it was a better book But I'm coming to realize that there is a younger reader who doesn't seem to be able to get what the writers I most enjoy are doing with their stories Maybe this is because they no longer value being able to sink into a whole new world and spend a week happily making their way through it each evening Or maybe they just don't like reading about complicated people who don't read like romance heroinesWhatever the explanation I found this a totally satisfying historical novel of the kind that got me reading historicals years ago There's enough history in it that I felt like I learned a little bit and enough psychology to make me think deeply about human nature I'd read a couple other books about Charles II who is far from being one of my favorite people in history I though Koen captured his selfishness sex obsession and the way he used his charm and power to manipulate people very well I also loved the way she brought alive the politics of a court and made me think what a blessing it was to the English that after the Glorious Revolution of 1688 their subseuent monarchs were so drab and lackluster which allowed the influence of the court to wane allowing for the development of what led to our modern style of politics Charismatic royalty belong where we put them now in the pages of novels not on the world stage

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Dark AngelsS have frayed and there are whispers that the king is moving to divorce his barren ueen who some wouldn’t mind seeing dead But Alice loyal only to a select few is devoted to the ueen and so sets out to discover who might be making sinister plans and if her own father is one of them When a member of the royal family dies unexpectedly and poison is suspected the stakes are raised Alice steps up her efforts to find out who is and isn’t true to the ueen learns of shocking betrayals throughout court and meets a man that she may be falling in love with and who will spoil all of her plans With the suspected arrival of a known poison maker the atmosphere in the court electrifies and As soon as I started uestioning this book due to the unlikability of the main character boom the dark elements started and kept up throughout Very much enjoyed the dark elements intrigue and sexiness of this book Takes place in the court of Charles II and references Louis XIV and Monsieur