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READ Û Conquest of the Useless: Reflections from the Making of Fitzcarraldo Ä ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☆ Conquest of the Useless: Reflections from the Making of Fitzcarraldo Author – HypnoticIt is ever tempting to try to fathom his restless spirit and his detThe Useless Kindle #207 HypnoticIt is ever tempting to try to fathom his restless spirit and his determination to challenge fateJanet Maslin New York TimesWerner Herzog Grizzly Man is one of the most revered and enigmatic filmmakers of our time and Fitzcarraldo is one of his most honored and admired filmsMore than justHerzogs journal of the. Probably the one book I'd take to a desert island or prison Herzog kept a journal making Fitzcarraldo and for some reason wrote in a tiny book in a tiny handwritten font that nearly reuired a magnifying glass to read thankfully it's not reproduced here He wrote uite a bit and not only are some of the stories of making the film utterly fascinating and have checked out as true but Herzog's brutally honest approach is very endearing and at times tragic such as missing his son while he is away filming I like this one a bit than Walking in Ice because Ice is a very solitary journey but Conuest has other characters such as Les Blank Herzog's family at the time the cast and crew local people etc Conuest shows that Herzog is at root a very good writer and I think this book contains some of the best writing he's ever done anywhere be it screenplay the screenplay for Fitzcarraldo could be seen as a companion piece to this book and is also very good especially since it doesn't follow the cookie cutter screenplay format books interviews or narration in documentaries Highly highly recommended

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Emergedfrom the delirium of the jungleWith fascinating observations about crew and playersincluding Herzogs lead the somewhat demented internationally renowned star Klaus Kinskiand breathtaking insights into the filmmaking process that are uniuely Werner Herzog Conuest of the Useless is an eye opening look into the mind of a cinematic master. in this setting left unfinished and abandoned by God in wrath the birds do not sing; they shriek in pain and confused trees tangle with one another like battling Titans from horizon to horizon in a steaming creation still being formed Fog panting and exhausted they stand in this unreal world in unreal misery and I like a stanza in a poem written in an unknown foreign tongue am shaken to the coreMe too dude me tooPerhaps it's because I'm a city girl but Herzog's vision of nature obscene cruel wrathful chaotic and filled with a beauty that is terrible rings far true to me than any amount of nature boy ramblings on harmony and being at one with the earth If you're a fan of Herzog as I am then you'll find as much to enjoy here as in any of his films This is not just a film diary it's nothing near as banal as that but a collection of images feelings waking dreams and visions both delirious and otherwise borne from the chaos of attempting the Herculean feat of hauling a steamboat over a mountain in the rainforest and simultaneously wrangling the colossal ego of the maniacal Klaus Kinski while making an astounding filmHypnotic compelling poetic and hilarious this is filled with so much material that I could easily re read it a thousand times without once getting bored and in fact already look forward to doing so Whether I was being seduced by passages such as the one at the top of this review cackling over his responses to the latest outburst from Kinski I really really enjoy their relationship and never so than when they're really NOT enjoying it or wondering at the descriptions of his latest vision I was never anything less than fully engaged and awedWonderful and highly recommended á 9 READ

Conquest of the Useless Reflections from the Making of FitzcarraldoUseless Reflections from MOBI #221 of the making of the monumental problematical motion picture which involved among other things major cast changes and reshoots and the hauling without the use of special effects of a ton Conuest of Kindle steamship over a mountainConuest of the Useless is a work of art unto itself an ian fever dream that. Herzog is a uniue geniuse who produced this uniue work These are almost hallucinatory notes reflecting his thoughts as he made Fitzcarraldo Dreams enter into rich descriptions Some sections may make little sense but the book as a whole reveals how his force of will and vision created the movie For anyone interested in the making of movies a creative mind under very difficult circumstances or the life in a jungle or on a movie shot in location this book is a must