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PDF Ö BOOK Vampires of Portlandia ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Vampires of Portlandia By Jason Tanamor – Danpashley.co.uk When Marcella Leones relocates her family of aswang vampires from the Philippines to Portland Oregon she raises her grandchildren under strict rules so humans will not expose them Her only wish is to When Marcella Leones rEnsie Penelope Jane Percival must find the truthIt's then they discover that there are other breeds of aswangs werebeasts witches ghouls and viscera who have been residing in Portland for yearsBased on Filipino folklore aswang “Vampires of Portlandia” is a fantastical tale of different monsters coexisting in the weirdest city in Ameri was a 4 star then the ending happenedi perhaps enjoyed this a lot than others but that doesn't mean i didn't make it through scot free while i don't echo a lot of other reviews' gripes about too much content i did struggle with the writing and voice throughout the book and oh my god do i hate that ending than anythingHOWEVER much of the storytelling was reminiscent of steinbeck's cannery row but much plot centric and relevant with the flashback vignettes i liked how we got glimpses into bigger picture events spaced out by the main story if the story had stuck to just the modern day aswang in portland the narrative would've really struggledalso perhaps a little too much tell and not enough show and definitely too much menial romance thoughts to come as i simmer on the ending of this

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When Marcella Leones relocates her family of aswang vampires from the Philippines to Portland Oregon she raises her grandchildren under strict rules so humans will not expose them Her only wish is to give them a peaceful life far away from the hunters and the Filipino government that attempted to exterminate them Before she dies she passe ARC Provided by the Author Caffeine Book Tours #AswanginPortlandTourVampires of Portlandia is an ownvoices Filipino story about a young adult named Percival who is soon going to be in charge of taking care of his family while also becoming the leader of what is left of the Filipino vampires Right now it is only him his lola his younger brother Roger and their even younger twin siblings and they all fled the Philippines to hopefully have a safer life where they can live in hiding without anyone knowing what they are But that becomes harder and harder when murders are happening and freuently and it becomes easier and easier to tell that these acts are not being committed by mere humansWe also get to see the Philippines in the past too where in this story people are scared of children carrying a chromosome that spreads this disease This very much impacted the poor during this time of panic and because of this and the dire and sad means to control it there are not many aswang vampires This story also talks about Filipino politics from the past that mirror a world we live in today where men of god wouldn’t mislead their country and their people right? And I’m always here for a story with a Manny Pacuiao manananggal joke because valid But this past story laced throughout is how we get to learn about how Percival’s lola Leones is forced to leave the Philippines and becomes the leader of the vampires And seeing her life and history is so important to understand what Percival is going to face while carrying this legacy Especially when a civil war starts breaking out between the aswangs in Portland because of these murdersAswang generally means “Filipino monsters” and there are a vast different array of creatures that can fall under that word But in this book we get to see five different types of aswang all coexisting in the same city but trying to remain hidden Vampires werebeasts ghouls witches and viscera But we also get to see another kind of creature and let me just say there are few things scarier than the manananggal This take for sure depicts them spooky but I grew up hearing much darker tales that still give me goosebumps until this day Hands down one of the scariest parts of Filipino mythos and for sure one of my favorites ever And with my full chest I am here to say that western vampires could neverMy favorite aspects of the story were the Filipino values and culture always at the heart of the story Family means so much to Filipinos and the story always shines a bright light on that and what it means to respect your family members and being willing to do whatever it takes to help them and care for them and love them Responsibility is also a big part of this story and something that very much also resonated with me because I am the oldest sibling and cousin of my Filipino family I also really liked the depiction of grief in this story and how it can take so many forms And how the weight of grief can feel so very heavy to carry especially when you’re trying to carry it aloneOverall I really enjoyed this story and it made my heart very warm to read it and give it a 35 star rating Also it made my tummy hungry for chicken adobo pancit my personal #1 comfort food lumpias and just miss home a lot Oh and I also really enjoyed the ueer brewing side relationship in this book too My only real complaint is that I felt like the pacing was a bit wild at times like for the main romantic relationship and ending and it made the events feel like whiplash at times Also there is a lot and I mean a lot of talk about the homeless and drug users in this story because they are the victims in this book and it just felt very repetitive and very bad even when it was the villains doing it But I still enjoyed this one and I feel very honored to have read and reviewed itTrigger and Content Warnings murder death loss of a loved one grief blood depictions and some very sus sentences about homeless people even in a negative lightBlog | Instagram | Youtube | Ko fi | Spotify | Twitch

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Vampires of Portlandia S on the power to her eldest grandchild Percival He vows to uphold the rules set forth by Leones allowing his family to roam freely without notice After all they are aswangsHowever when the aswang covenant is broken the murder rate in Portland rises drastically Who is behind the murders? And who is behind the broken covenant? Along with s DNF 12%Vampires of Portlandia lost another readerMy goodness I do not like this book The characters are flat the story is uninteresting the dialogue is cliché and cringey But what really pushed me over the line of NOPE was a scene where a woman agrees to go to an empty bar with a man she exchanged literally maybe 20 words with because it was pouring rain and she couldn't open her umbrella Did any women proof read this book? WHO WOULD DO THIS? No woman would go to an unknown location with an unknown man literally less than 20 words exchanged in the middle of the day And of course she was killed but the rape implications of that scene It was gross and unnecessary Maybe the author didn't mean it that way but it is how it came through to me it is at the end of Part IThat whole scene could have been taken out Super awkward how we went from following the MC to suddenly following a random man Just not for mePS; I was intrigued by the setting of the novel Portland but there is a way to write a love letter to the city of Portland without shoving it down the reader's throat I felt like there was a pile up of Portland this and that but barely any personal or interesting character development By 11% I am expecting to be at least interested in SOMETHING in the novel Sadly I really wasn't PPS; I was provided a review copy in exchange for an honest review Sadly this was a miss for me Thanks go to the publisher