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MOBI ´ DOC Mortal Allies 9780446612586 FREE Þ BRIAN HAIG Ø ❴Reading❵ ➷ Mortal Allies Author Brian Haig – JAG lawyer Sean Drummond has gotten himself in way over his head with a case that challenges his deepest fears and a co counselor who challenges just about everythTtons as he is to be defending this client However it's just this lack of political correctness that makes him the one man the CIA can trust with its disturbing secrets and Drummond uickly learns that what appears to be an open and shut case is really just the top layer of a deep conspira Downgraded from a four star due to the main characters flaws Mainly the fact that this guy is kind of a super lawyer with a special forces background yet cannot figure out half the plot he is involved in Perhaps I am a bit harsh here and the author just made some of the plot transparent to the reader than the lawyer Don't get me wrong on the enjoyment factor of the book The author is a very good writer and I really do enjoy some of his wry sense of humor Just a bit of a see through plot line Would I recommend it Sure I would if not for the entertainment factor alone that really drives this book along at a good clip

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JAG lawyer Sean Drummond has gotten himself in way over his head with a case that challenges his deepest fears and a co counselor who challenges just about everything else Assigned to South Korea as an advocate for a gay officer accused of brutally killing the son of a South Korean war he I really enjoyed this There are so many hot buttons that were handled so well on top of a twisty mystery with fantastic characters all brought into being by great narration The main hot button was gays in the military during the Don't ask don't tell era Drummond's reaction to being assigned to a horrific murder surrounded by gays was very realistic well done The setting is South Korea with diplomatic Army issues mixed in among the legal dramaWhile there were uite a few characters they were all distinct introduced slowly enough that there was no problem keeping them straight Drummond's wry self deprecating sense of humor really helped me remember them tooAll of this was set into a twisty mystery that was convoluted even by various motivations Some were obvious but many weren't It led to the one thing that bugged me about the whole story view spoiler His trusted assistant allowing the bugs to be planted on him didn't bother him enough It's partially explained with her leading him to believe she was gay his final realization that she probably isn't but that's still a breach of trust I would find hard to get over view spoiler I'm hoping that this will come up be resolved in the next book It nags me because for all his resilience as an Army officer there are limits I think that passed them by uite a bitHighly recommended I look forward to reading in this series hide spoiler

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Mortal AlliesRo Drummond is teamed up with an old law school nemesis Katherine Carson is a curvy liberal William Kunstler like attorney with a reputation for manipulating the media on behalf of her mostly gay clients Drummond is as distraught to be working with a woman who knows how to push all his bu This book grew on me and I'm glad I stuck with it At first I wasn't sure how long I was going to be able to handle the main character pulling back in disgust every time he encounters a gasp gay character But it is a credit to Haig's writing that I still ended up loving the wiseass protagonist And the action picks up about halfway through and the book becomes a solid little thriller But I did have nits am I really supposed to believe that a super educated and media savvy lawyer no matter how liberal and issue driven she might be would have such a tin ear for interacting with a culture well known to be homophobic and generally displeased with brash gestures And that the same lawyer would put a huge sign that says HOMOS on her legal headuarters within an Army base in Korea while trying to win a case in an Army court And did the crime really have to include necrophilia apparently driving home the notion that gay acts are so unnatural that you might as well throw in the most disgusting sexual crime you can think of because I mean they're almost there anyway I'm willing to accept all manner of global conspiracy theories and plot driven coincidences but those kind of characterizations end up being annoying bordering on offensiveBut the voice of the protagonist saves the day and it ended up being a fairly enjoyable read