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Black and White The Way I See ItS a closeness because of what weve been through together and a respect A self made man Williams has walked a long hard exciting and ultimately rewarding road during his life surmounting many challenges to raise a loving family and two of the greatest tennis players who ever Black and White Epub #217 lived Black and White is the extraordinary story of that journey and the indomitable spirit that made it all possible. WOW this book blew my mind simultaneously instructing upon the context of Post War Black life in the South Williams' storytelling simply and often took my breath away To hear him recount his upbringing in Shreveport LA was just awe inspiring Its main premise is Faith It crops up in the many miracles that you often find yourself thinking about with each of his stories about the countless times he looks death in the face in refusal to be treated as no less than a man of dignity I could go on and on and on about what a positive book this is for someone who is looking to change their life Williams' laces this book with many useful mantras that take resonance because it is coming from a man that simply is a living example of someone that not only has endured America's harshest realities but also is among its greatest triumphs

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Black and White: The Way I See It Read & download µ 102 µ ❰Reading❯ ➿ Black and White: The Way I See It Author Richard Williams – The fascinating upfront and unapologetic Kirkus Reviews memoir of Richard Williams a businessman tennis coach and father to two of the greatest athleteThe fascinating and White PDF #206 upfront and unapologetic Kirkus Reviews memoir of Richard Williams a businessman tennis coach and father to two of the greatest athletes and professional tennis champions of all timeVenus and Serena WilliamsBorn into poverty in Shreveport Louisiana in the s Richard Williams was blessed by a strong caring mother who remained his lifelong hero just as he became a hero to Venus and S. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading this book Mr Williams delivered an extremely candid account of how he planned and succeeded in raising two tennis greats my words The book gave an honest historical background for Mr Williams as well as Venus and Serena This book is VERY easy to read because it draws you in and makes you feel welcome like an invited guest with a welcome mat extended to you I have followed Venus and Serena's careers since they were little girls with braids and beads; however THIS book gave me AMAZING insight and for that I am forever grateful to their doting father Richard Williams I would recommend this book to anyone aspiring greatness because Mr Williams shares numerous gems for success which you WILL ONLY FIND BETWEEN THE COVERS OF THIS BOOK Trust me on that one

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Erena From the beginning of his life Richards mother taught him to live by the principles of courage confidence commitment faith and love He Black MOBI #221 passed the same ualities on to his daughters who grew up loving their father and valuing Black and White The Way Kindle the lessons he taught them I still feel really close to my father says Serena We have a great relationship There is an appreciation There i. Excellent insightful book giving an autobiographical look into the life of Hall of Fame Tennis Coach Richard D Williams and father of Venus and Serena Williams from his childhood in the racist and hateful south the lessons and support from his mother a strong and powerfully spiritually woman and the lessons he held on to based upon his personal experiences as a young Black child growing up in the racist and hateful southThe lessons he held on to prompted Coach Williams to develop and create his own path to success he graded and paved the road himself because there was no blueprint to achieve what he envisioned for himself and for his children who were not born when he developed the blueprint that would yield his desired resultsThis book is than a autobiography it is if you are paying attention a blueprint with plans and materials to make you a better parentI encourage everyone to take time out and read this book